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  • verb

Synonyms for fledge

feed, care for, and rear young birds for flight

decorate with feathers

grow feathers

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1--Percent of nests that failed to fledge at least one young for barn swallows and cave swallows nesting under bridges, in culverts, and for all colonies combined.
According to the newspaper, the team of mechanical engineers claims that the Fledge, which pairs an 18 brake horsepower, 346 cubic-centimeter gasoline engine with a 3.
His prediction has been tested experimentally numerous times and largely refuted because of the demonstrated ability of parents of many species to fledge young of normal size from enlarged broods (reviewed by Dijkstra et al.
The observation that both male and female chicks fledge with longer wings than adults also suggests that low wing loading is probably advantageous during the first years that young birds spend in subtropical waters.
Nistica's 1x3 and 1x4 WSS modules maintain the common footprint of its 1x2 WSS FULL FLEDGE for both 50 GHz and 100 GHz modules and extend programmable waveplan features to three and four degree nodes.
The third juvenile - a female - to fledge from the first nest has not been seen since setting off on July 15.
The need for up grading the post to full fledge police station was direly felt in order to maintain law and order, control crimes and fulfil needs of the people.
Nestlings that were banded only did not fledge consistently before their bled siblings.
Prior to 1999, plover fledge rates at the refuge exceeded the recommended rate only once.
Compared to parents of asynchronously hatched broods, parents of synchronously hatched broods may (1) invest greater levels of effort to raise their broods; (2) experience lower survival; (3) be less likely to raise a second brood; (4) experience delays in laying a second clutch; (5) lay fewer eggs in a second clutch; or (6) fledge fewer young from a second brood.
Nistica, a global supplier of agile optical modules to leading telecom system OEMs, announced today the launch of its new FULL FLEDGE subsystem to meet growing demand for cost-effective Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Modules (ROADMs) in core network nodes.
The Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Craig Laundy, today announced that Sydney companies Fledge Innovation Labs Pty Ltd and Blackbird Startmate Ops Pty Ltd would each receive $500,000 in grant funding.
They decided to trick the parent birds, by swapping chicks of different ages between nests - which the birds make in burrows in the ground - to see how this affected both parental care and the time chicks took to fledge.
I also evaluated post-fledging patterns of movement by timing of fledge as a surrogate of seasonal availability of resources.
Researchers from the University of Exeter and Queen's University Belfast found birds laid their eggs earlier and successfully reared more chicks to fledge in areas where food had been provided earlier in the year.