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a run-down hotel

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The director of Fleabag - Phoebe's best mate Vicky Jones - will write the show, called Run, about two former lovers who made a pact 15 years ago.
Fleabag is about a friendship between a young boy and a scruffy little dog, who needs a home.
Fleabag is a testament to the power of the British short series, and it offers a female twist on the original version of the brilliant Alfie.
They thought she did an amazing job with Fleabag and is certainly one of the rising stars in TV and film.
Born from her award-winninga Edinburgh play, the London-born talent, who turns 31 this month, takes the title role as Fleabag, a dry-witted, angry, cash-strapped, grief-riddled, porn-watching young woman, who's trying to come to terms with a recent tragedy.
I was able to find a somewhat decent--as fleabag establishments go--motel about three miles north of Wrigley Field and fairly close to an "El" stop.
A new series from Knife & Packer, the authors of Fleabag Monkeyface, written in the popular format of simple line drawings with frequent font changes.
without air-conditioning), playing doubleheaders (and more), playing seven days a week, staying in fleabag motels, tripling up in hotel rooms, playing through injuries (sometimes even on broken bones), and doing it all for the simple love of the game.
The sanctuary becomes known within the movement as the Fleabag Hotel.
Silver Bell," which is a reference to a fictitious fleabag motel (not a festive, seasonal classic), finds a down and out Maines scheduling a secret rendezvous with a former confidant and lover.
How else can you charge $5,900 per month for a sixth-floor room in a fleabag motel with no heat, no electricity, and no elevator?
Emboldened by the results of my quest, I flew to Paris and retrieved my family dossier from our time as refugees living in a fleabag hotel for nearly a year in the 1960's.
Auberon, who once called Solzhenitsyn "that nasty old fleabag," boasted of being "specifically dedicated to telling lies.
For the sake of the argument, let's say the claimant can prove that the bugs came from the Fleabag Hotel.