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worn and broken down by hard use

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A couple who failed to get vet treatment for a cat and flea-bitten dog in their care have been fined by magistrates.
They've personally run the gamut of seedy motels and flea-bitten flop houses, formerly the only places to accommodate pets.
This being England, flea-bitten, clapped-out class hatred gets in on the act.
All the actors were flea-bitten, we'd need flea spray every night.
More flea-bitten tales down in Devon as Joe's boss spun yarns about his old Flea Circus while Joe played Cupid to tortoises Ben and Bluebell, fixing them up with vitamin shots, a candlelit dinner, warm lettuce bed, low music, dirty photos of naked terrapins, that sort of thing, resulting in their first successful breeding in 15 years.
He was flea-bitten, skinny and scared, but had a look in his eyes that made me want to scoop him up and care for him.
As for my flea-bitten dog Buster, he's copywritten and trademarked and God help any f***r who tries to get it.
By 1970 it was decided a flea-bitten squirrel might not continue to inspire the attention of British children.
Horrified neighbours alerted the RSPCA to the emaciated and flea-bitten state of the dog who was later put down because of his appalling injuries.
Westerners, for example, probably will be upset by the mistreatment of animals so prevalent here: cockfights; monkeys tethered to trees by chains attached through holes in their tails; diseased, flea-bitten dogs running freely in every village.
If, like me, your puppy is now flea-bitten and irreparably mad, w ell.
As for my flea-bitten dog Buster, he's trademarked by me and God help any f***er who tries to come and get it.
Written when he was a 17-year-old student at Whitchurch Grammar School in Cardiff, it is a story of a flea-bitten, street-roaming, nameless mongrel.