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sting inflicted by a flea

a very minor inconvenience

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A natural remedy for flea bites, which soothes and heals the flea bites themselves and helps prevent fleas from returning, is neem oil.
Signs and Symptoms: The initial response is commonly a lymphadenitis in the nodes receiving drainage from the site of the flea bite.
Flea bites look like groups of small, fluid-filled, red pimples.
Even one or two flea bites can cause a severe reaction in a sensitive animal.
Frequently, flea bites are itchy, unsightly and may cause allergic reactions in humans.
She is also getting an ear infection again in the same ear as she did last year which was cured with antibiotics and she is recovering from a skin rash from flea bites so is itchy often.
Skincando's Combat Ready line of products includes a "magic balm" that has been used by the US Military to help remedy itchy, irritated skin from bug and sand flea bites to sunburns, psoriasis, and many other skin conditions.
This zoonotic pathogen can be transmitted directly by infectious droplets or by contact with contaminated fluid or tissue or indirectly through flea bites (1).
Plague is caused by the fast-moving bacteria yersinia pestis, which can be spread through flea bites as well as through the air, and the latest study has found it is more common for those exposed to natural environments that support plague to contract it.
Many animals are allergic to flea bites and can develop a generalised skin disease called milliary eczema and secondary bacterial infections can result from the broken skin.
The arrest warrants said the five-year-old had "head lice large enough to see while standing above the child," her teeth were "rotting out," her gums were swollen and she was covered in flea bites.
Allergies are the number one cause of skin irritation in dogs after flea bites.
Flea bites can cause nasty rashes and become infected, so vacuum animals' beds and blankets.
In humans, flea bites are red, itchy spots but pollen produces an allergic response affecting the nose and eyes, resulting in sniffling, sneezing, wheezing and bleary red eyes.
The jury accepted Cangardel's account that she had given tablets to her husband surreptitiously only for flea bites because she feared they had come from her dog, which he did not like.