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any small leaf beetle having enlarged hind legs and capable of jumping

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The potential for biological control of water primrose (Ludwigia grandiflora) by the water primrose flea beetle (Lysathia ludoviciana) in the southeastern United States.
By the 1980s, golden tansy ragwort flea beetles, cinnabar moths and seed head flies had largely decimated the weed's Western Oregon population.
Summer sowings proved less prolific and the young plants were damaged by flea beetles.
Endosulfan, Bifenthrin and Chlorpyrifos can be capable of controlling aphids, armyworms, corn earworm, crickets, cucumber beetles, cutworms, diamondback moth, flea beetles, ground beetles, cabbageworm, leafhoppers, loopers, mites, caterpillar, stink bugs, thrips, tobacco budworm, whiteflies.
This is considered particularly worrying for growers following restrictions on neonicotinoid seed treatments, which will make controlling cabbage stem flea beetle reliant on pyrethroid insecticides.
It may be slight--less than one-half-inch long--yet the flea beetle, genus Aphthona, could be a rancher's best weapon against spurge.
THE current favourable weather means that growers will have to be extra vigilant and look out for flea beetle as crops emerge.
They are related to cabbages so are occasionally subject to the same problems - flea beetle on seedlings, root fly andmildew.
What's hot: Discover is the most consistent wild oat herbicide on the market and has the most tank mix partners; Boundary, a new pre-emergence soybean herbicide registered in January 2000; Adage, a new sorghum seed treatment insecticide; Helix, a novel seed treatment product formulated for canola, is one insecticide, Thiamethoxam and three fungicides, providing broad spectrum disease control and early season flea beetle control.
I am thinking of the carrotfly and the flea beetle.
The most successful sowing in the trial was the earliest sowing of the large-leaved 'Red Giant', as later sowings suffered from flea beetle damage.
One is a flea beetle, Pseudolampsis guttata (LeConte), which occurs in the eastern US, where it uses A.
Seeds sown in spring in 4in (10cm) pots, two or three seeds to a pot (heated propagators should help germination), can be planted out in May and June 60cm (24in) apart when the first flowers form and are best under a polytunnel to protect them from flea beetle, thrips and aphids.
The eggplant flea beetle, Epitrix fuscula, doesn't confine its predations to eggplants.