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It was thus that the Flea and the Grasshopper gave an account of themselves, and thought they were quite good enough to marry a Princess.
The Flea jumped so high that nobody could see where he went to; so they all asserted he had not jumped at all; and that was dishonorable.
The Flea then went into foreign service, where, it is said, he was killed.
Full in the open space in the centre, by the whist-tables, the Senior Subaltern's terrier was hunting for fleas.
Old Karay had turned his head and was angrily searching for fleas, baring his yellow teeth and snapping at his hind legs.
Creatures laid their paws upon him for but two things--to search for fleas and to attack.
And you needn't think you're going to sleep here scratching fleas and disturbing my sleep.
Flea shampoos might have some activity against the fleas on the dog while the shampoo is in contact with the skin but once rinsed off, the fleas in the environment can simply jump back onto the dog and restart the cycle.
We're proud to offer veterinarians a flea and tick control option that pet owners are clearly excited about giving their dogs," said Nicole Malik, Brand Director for NexGard.
Fleas can cause a terrible skin irritation and many cats and dogs develop an allergic sensitivity to flea saliva called "flea allergic dermatitis".
Anyway, Paul talks about how many businesses that sell these chemical poison flea controllers exaggerate the numbers regarding flea reproduction.
The Flea Vac will be easy to use and thoroughly safe for animals.
As the longtime owner, president and originator of the Grafton Flea Market, Harry Peters not only runs one of the oldest and biggest weekly flea markets in the state, he has made precious memories for the would-be treasure hunters and bargain seekers who want more than what they would normally find in your typical box store.
Most (>83%) confirmed cases were bubonic plague, which most commonly results from flea bites, suggesting that these bites were the most common mode of Y.
The pets in this study had the largest natural flea burdens the investigators had ever seen and were under continual reinfestation pressure.