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Synonyms for flay



Synonyms for flay

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strip the skin off

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Analysis of the flaying scene in the Stanza della Segnatura vault, and its resonance with the adjacent Poetry and Theology lunettes, is particularly fine.
This flaying of the fabric shows that Soane was concerned to specify every element of the work.
Flaying the PML-Ns leadership, Mr Khuhro questioned Sharif brothers motives of meeting the leaders of nationalist parties in Sindh.
Think about it--only a monster would demand beatings, flaying of flesh, crowning with thorns, and crucifixion.
Like his Australian benefactor, Graham-Dixon does come up with some good, novelistic leads: "On a still summer evening, beside a pool where plump cattle have gathered, above a spreading landscape of fields and shining lakes and the silhouette of far-off mountains, someone is about to be skinned alive" (about Claude Lorrain's Landscape with the Flaying of Marsyas).
The Convenor of the APHC-AJK chapter, Mehmood Ahmad Saghar, in his statement while flaying the assault said that such vile tactics by the Hindu extremists could not deter Hurriyet leaders from pursuing their struggle for legitimate political and democratic rights.
My sense is also that titles have, in addition to their descriptive content - "The Flaying of Marsyas," "The Adoration of the Shepherds," "The Massacre of the Innocents," "The Resurrection" - the force of interjections, like Behold