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Measure Items Flawlessness I am sure of the flawlessness of my purchased product.
The most ridiculous aspect of the whole processes is that the ideal is completely unattainable; as Kilbourne states, real women are doomed to fail from the beginning when compared to the "ideal woman" who exists in the advertising world because her image is based on "absolute flawlessness.
Such was the flawlessness of my integrity, I too could have phoned a bookie at four in the morning and placed my bets with a clear conscience.
It is, of course, the flawlessness of Emma's usual performance that makes her gaffe at Box Hill so shocking.
Trumpeting unachievable flawlessness in the organization's operational performance doesn't work either.
Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that Bhagavad-Gita (Song of the Lord) unfolded the path to train the mind to accomplish flawlessness and distinction in action.
The fear over inter-Arab wars, whether sectarian, confessional, or factional ones, is addressed by flawless leaders or ones who are persistently working toward flawlessness.
The perfectionist streak in him is far less pronounced nowadays with the actual result being far more of a priority than achieving it through his own personal flawlessness.
There is heartbreaking irony in all of this: The first landmass victim of human rapaciousness could be a place that defines tropical flawlessness, a nation that is clean, peaceful and doing its best to be green.
For them, maintaining the flawlessness of their skin is the most important factor of their everyday beauty regime.
While the quality of information refers to the appropriateness, updated-ness, usefulness, accuracy, completeness, and relevance of the online course content, the quality of system refers to the friendliness, flawlessness, efficiency, and adaptability of the e-learning system.
Despite her flawlessness, it is impossible to dislike Dixon, whose smile was enough to ensure sales of girl band Mis-Teeq's records from 2000-2005.
The books are beautifully written: the prose has a flawlessness and inevitability which I loved and distrusted.
But if one thing stood out from The Flytes' performance it was the flawlessness of their act.
All the while she carefully avoids the idea that justice can be measured on a single axis that runs from abjection to a singular flawlessness.