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Synonyms for flawed

Synonyms for flawed

having a blemish or flaw


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Until Nielsen can prove the accuracy of its numbers, particularly in counting young and African-American viewers, we risk implementing a seriously flawed system.
Among its methodological problems, the study used a flawed measure of exposure to secondhand smoke based on whether a non-smoker was married to a smoker in 1959, when smoking was much more pervasive than today and non-smokers were exposed to secondhand smoke in most workplaces and other settings.
If this theory is confirmed, physicians will need to distinguish between functional and flawed receptors in order to select the best treatment for women with receptor-containing breast tumors.
Riordan says the work may eventually yield drugs that correct the flawed protein's action, thus alleviating the symptoms of cystic fibrosis.
Clearly, flawed testing methods have cost Southern California cities and taxpayers untold amounts in inaccurate monitoring costs, and Southland economies have lost countless dollars due to unnecessary beach postings and closures," said Phyllis Papen, grassroots coordinator for the CPR.
Cramer adds that if others confirm these results, avoiding dairy products may help prevent ovarian cancer, especially in women who inherit the flawed enzyme.
Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT), a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic tests and pharmaceutical products, today was hit with four more lawsuits filed by women claiming that one of the company's most common testing procedures returned flawed results, leading to unnecessary cancer treatments including chemotherapy and a hysterectomy.
team announced that it had discovered a flawed gene that may be responsible for iron overload.
This will allow for a reexamination of ComEd's flawed "uniform price" electricity auction process with the goal of replacing it with a new, transparent approach that truly results in the lowest possible rate for Illinois residents and businesses and provides a fair profit for electricity providers.
The Justice Department's inspector general said Tuesday that the FBI's world-renowned crime laboratory is riddled with flawed scientific practices that may have tainted dozens of criminal cases, including the bombings of the federal building in Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center in New York.
Although the normal function of the ectodermal dysplasia gene is unknown, she says, its effects when flawed imply that the gene is also "part of some basic developmental regulatory mechanism.
Once companies realize the danger of structurally flawed Emails and that they are eight times as likely to confront your network as Email viruses, the decision becomes a no-brainer.
But marveling scientists report that Jordan has managed to heal himself, returning a flawed gene to normal.
Women who inherit a flawed copy of the BRCA1 gene not only face an 85 percent chance of developing breast cancer at some point during their lives, but also experience a substantial increase in ovarian cancer risk.
SFS is a proprietary vulnerability detection system designed to identify and block Structurally Flawed Email for greater protection against unwanted email.