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lacking taste or flavor or tang

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Respect the lentil - they don't have to be brown, mushy and flavourless.
Mix whisky in a fruity cocktail and it's bound to clash, whereas vodka is flavourless.
Similarly, Tesco's product (**) lacked in aroma and was too crumbly, although it tasted fine- if a little flavourless.
But what about the food - did it boldly travel to the parts of the taste bud where flavourless.
If you don't feel confident, use a flavourless oil such as groundnut with a much higher burning point.
A source said: "The hookers had placed a flavourless drug on their breasts.
Add in the early elimination of two countries who between them have a billion fanatical supporters (nobody's fault except their teams' for not playing well enough) and you have a recipe for something very flat and flavourless, when what you should have had is red rum, jerk chicken and roti to the jubilant sound of conch horns.
2 tbsp groundnut oil or other flavourless vegetable oil.
Unlike some calcium ingredients that can impart a chalky flavour, TruCal[R] is flavourless, resulting in a clean-tasting end product--another important consideration for Yoplait.
Rather, I shall dine with family and friends on December 25 (and 26), safe in the knowledge that our usual substantial Sunday roast will be far more enjoyable and of better value than the 10lb carcass of a force-fed flavourless yardbird being simultaneously dragged from most British ovens.
Unfortunately there are a few flavourless offerings that may not make it past the first course -- at the bottom of Intertops.
The new product, which is virtually colourless, flavourless and odourless, is derived from licensed and registered European Union Cannabis Sativa seed varieties bred to proper maturity in the Champagne region of France.
Chocolate Crunch and Chestnut Torte with Sour Cherries Ingredients (serves 12) 225g dark chocolate (75% cocoa solids) broken into pieces 110g tinned chestnuts, roughly chopped 50g dried sour cherries 50g raisins 3 tablespoons rum 50g butter 150 ml double cream, lightly whipped 225g sweet oat biscuits, roughly chopped You will need a loose-based cake tin 20 cm diameter and 4 cm deep, lightly greased with a flavourless oil Method 1.
Morrisons' (**) looked the best when cooked--its cheese bubbled nicely, but it tasted somewhat flavourless.
And it'll certainly make you think twice about those twee little flavourless steaks on their polystyrene trays when you're next browsing the shelves.