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Synonyms for flavor

a distinctive property of a substance affecting the gustatory sense

a distinctive yet intangible quality deemed typical of a given thing

a substance that imparts taste

to impart flavor to


Synonyms for flavor

the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth

References in classic literature ?
It mightn't have been strong; but it was very hot; and the cold seemed to give it a kind of a meaty flavor as it went down.
These," said their guard, pointing to the vegetables, "we use to flavor our soups with.
But Shakespeare can never be old-fashioned, because, although he is the outcome of his own times, and gives us all the flavor of his own times, he gives us much more.
The next year I sometimes caught a mess of fish for my dinner, and once I went so far as to slaughter a woodchuck which ravaged my bean-field -- effect his transmigration, as a Tartar would say -- and devour him, partly for experiment's sake; but though it afforded me a momentary enjoyment, notwithstanding a musky flavor, I saw that the longest use would not make that a good practice, however it might seem to have your woodchucks ready dressed by the village butcher.
Bread I at first made of pure Indian meal and salt, genuine hoe-cakes, which I baked before my fire out of doors on a shingle or the end of a stick of timber sawed off in building my house; but it was wont to get smoked and to have a piny flavor, I tried flour also; but have at last found a mixture of rye and Indian meal most convenient and agreeable.
I want the flower and fruit of a man; that some fragrance be wafted over from him to me, and some ripeness flavor our intercourse.
Although there was in these words a flavor of that sentimental emotion at her own lofty feelings, and that new mystical fervor which had lately gained ground in Petersburg, and which seemed to Alexey Alexandrovitch disproportionate, still it was pleasant to him to hear this now.
com, where fans can purchase a limited edition Party Pack to sample the flavors before voting.
Because some consumer palates demand more flavor than ever before, Celestial Seasonings has developed new ways to offer teas with rich, full flavors that are purely natural," says Mo Siegel, chairman and chief executive officer.
The prominent players profiled in this report are Archer Daniels Midland Company, International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc.
Some of the same flavors are also included in a medium Valentine's Day box (16 pieces; 8 ounces; $40).
Also, flavors are much more authentic than the soft drinks that most people are used to because real juices and natural ingredients are used.