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There were six oysters, warm over mixed greens, and chevron cheese, all pillowy in a flavorfully herbal, lemon-infused sauce.
But even that choice never grates too harshly in a production that goes down as easily and flavorfully as comfort food.
Also very much on the steam scene for some time now is Ooigem, Belgium-based Crop's, which supplies the Delhaize retail supermarket chain with a wide range of products that includes frozen soups featuring recipes that run the gamut from Tomato with Meatballs, to Onion with Grana Padano Cheese, and Chicken Soup flavorfully accented with onions, potatoes, carrots, celery, lemon juice, white pepper, bouillon, cream and parsley.
The resulting cake is fresh, moist and flavorfully unique.
In a word, the man is passionate about zesty, fragrant, cuisine of Tuscany, and this passion is flavorfully expressed in the culinarian verve and flair of the restaurant's menu and exquisite, individual food presentation.
Food is ethnically and flavorfully diverse, much like the class of 2008.
Composer Guo Wenjing's score is a marvel of Western orchestration and Eastern tonality, flavorfully performed by Dutch maestro Ed Spanjaard with the 50-piece festival orchestra and one Chinese flute.
There were plenty of "No Smoking" signs posted at the Hynes Convention Center, but of course smoking is very much permitted when it comes to flavorfully preserving fish.
Environ of the Hamptons-pre-influx of the garishly wealthy--might have been more flavorfully captured in aesthetic terms, but pic still rings truer in capturing a time and place than helmer Katherine Dieckmann's prior "A Good Baby," which eventually fell victim to an overly melodramatic script.
Cumpsty, who most recently crooned in "42nd Street," reveals a pleasantly sturdy baritone voice that serve the songs flavorfully.