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Synonyms for flavor

a distinctive property of a substance affecting the gustatory sense

a distinctive yet intangible quality deemed typical of a given thing

a substance that imparts taste

to impart flavor to


Synonyms for flavor

the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth

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Mainstream America is only now becoming exposed to flavored coffees and teas through their accessibility in non-traditional venues such as convenience stores, quick serve restaurants, grocery stores, and office coffee service.
As to the top selling flavorings for 1996, he thinks that "although we do not expect the top five flavors for coffee to be knocked out of their most popular position for 1996, we can identify some new trends in the marketplace for flavored coffee.
Do you see any niche markets, such as "organic" flavoring, developing within the flavored coffee and tea markets?
Within 10 years, flavored tea in all its many variations has gained a firm footing in the consumers' preference.
The expansion of the flavored coffee business in Asia hinges on the ability to convince Asian roasters to flavor their products and export them to America and Europe until demand in the Asian market increases.
Specialty coffee drinkers are especially interested in flavored coffees," said Susan Cote, Marketing Director for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.
I, as well as other members of our editorial staff, have paid close attention to the growth of flavored coffees, teas, and related products, for the better part of a decade.
Spray steaks, fish or poultry with flavored cooking spray before coating with dry rubs, and the seasoning will adhere more readily.
According to Bill Sieber, director of sales and marketing, Nut as well as Chocolate flavors do well as flavored coffee because nut flavors also share certain ingredients in common with the flavor of coffee and chocolate, "Because certain ingredients are in all of them, the flavors marry well.
AMW submitted their low-sugar beverage for bid and was selected by the district as the flavored beverage for their student body.
Many once-trendy ingredients - such as feta cheese, fresh cilantro and flavored pesto moved into the mainstream and were used in all kinds of American and ethnic creations.
What's happening in flavored coffees (Roaster, retailer, iced profile)
Canadean's, "Flavored Milk Market in Latin America to 2019: Market Guide" provides a snapshot of the Flavored Milk consumption in Latin America.