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Synonyms for flavor

a distinctive property of a substance affecting the gustatory sense

a distinctive yet intangible quality deemed typical of a given thing

a substance that imparts taste

to impart flavor to


Synonyms for flavor

the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth

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In response, large retailers with store brand programs are beginning to be more like national brands in their approach, carrying, for example, special buys that mesh with flavor profiles found in trendsetting restaurants and magazines.
Unlike some flavored chocolates we've sampled, these flavored creations are subtle and smooth -- and the flavors don't overpower the wonderful, rich chocolate.
Also, flavors are much more authentic than the soft drinks that most people are used to because real juices and natural ingredients are used.
Add a sauce made of Japanese soy sauce, vegetable broth, sake (Japanese rice wine), and sugar to the broth for flavor.
To see whether ATP could also carry information about flavor, the scientists first studied taste buds that had been taken out of normal mice.
Recent work has provided more details about light-induced flavor and revealed an additional age-related flavor.
Yamaguchi further defined the flavor in an article published around 1987, describing the impact of a solution of 0.
Appalachian flavor is a combination of qualities: an appreciation of farms and regional culture, the special mountain flavor that comes from our soils and climate, and the skills of the great cooks who prepare the food.
Orange blossoms' sweet nectar flavor makes them very popular in herbal blends.
A range of MagnaCap[R] Encapsulated Fruit Flavors developed specifically for muffins and selected baked goods has been announced by Ottens Flavors.
The primary benefit of the process is that the taste of a flavor can be achieved using 25% to 75% less of the flavor.
The flavor comes mainly from the nut of the kola tree, grown in the tropics.
The usual alternative is "natural flavor," which should be called "non-butter flavor," because the major difference is the absence of butter flavoring.
In Search of Authentic, Sun-Ripened, True-to-Fruit Flavor, West Coast Flavor Manufacturer Looks to California's Agro Heritage by Analyzing Old Heirloom Fruits to Create a New Line of Flavors