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any of a large class of plant pigments having a chemical structure based on or similar to flavone

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In pooled multivariate-adjusted analyses, total flavonoids were not statistically significantly associated with ovarian cancer risk (HR for the top compared with the bottom quintile: 0.
High intakes of the flavonoids are linked to lower insulin resistance and better control of blood sugar, a study has shown.
Researchers from the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP) and the Centre for Immunology and Infection (CII) in the University's Department of Biology designed experiments to test the bioactivity of plant-derived flavonoids.
Investigation or cytotoxic, apopiosis-inducing, genotoxic and protective effects of the flavonoid rutin in HTC hepatic cells.
For example, a US study found no association between risk of ovarian cancer and total flavonoid intake, but it found a decreased risk linked to dietary intake of apigenin, a flavone commonly found in celery.
leucanthemum cells occurred to a certain concentration of crude oil contamination in soil and beyond that phenol and flavonoid content decreased depending on the plant organ.
Several flavonoids in plants have a variety of biological functions.
This prospective study is one of the first in which researchers examined how consuming flavonoid affects the risk of stroke.
They then analyzed the association between flavonoid intakes and risk of developing Parkinson's disease.
Cyvex Nutrition has developed a comprehensive quick-reference guide for its FlavoVital Flavonoids line, which includes information on the source of each of the company's flavonoid offerings, recommended dosage, proven health benefits and applications.
One group at King's College London has focused on a flavonoid called epicatechin which is abundant in a number of foods, including cocoa.
The identification of the effects of this gene in alfalfa provide a mechanism for altering flavonoid, anthocyanin and condensed tannin production in forage legumes and allows one to alter such levels to produce a variety of benefits in the field of agriculture, animal farming and food technology in general.
3]/HCl 276, 297, 341, 380) suggested that flavonoid (I) may be a flavonoid glycoside with a free hydroxyl group at postion 5.
We recently found a citrus polymethoxy flavonoid, nobiletin (5,6,7,8,3',4'-hexamethoxyflavone), that exhibits multiple pharmacological actions in both in vivo and in vitro models of rheumatoid arthritis, tumorigenesis, tumour invasion and metastasis, and photoageing [14-21].
If you've been wondering about the flavonoid content of foods in your diet, you now have an easy way to check it out.