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a colorless crystalline compound that is part of a number of white or yellow plant pigments

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Flavones and phenylpropanoids from a sedative extract of Lantana trifolia L.
at m/z 433 respectively and fragment ions typical of flavone Copentosides (Cabrera, 2006); in addition flavonoid (V) was different from vitexin and isovitexin in paper chromatography.
In fact, as shown in Figure 5, the bifunctional actions on the regulation of sebum production and excretion are likely to be specific to polymethoxy flavones such as nobiletin and natsudaidain rather than flavonols including quercetin.
Dietary intakes of flavonols, flavones and isoflavones by Japanese women and the inverse correlation between quercetin intake and plasma LDL cholesterol concentration.
In this study, the aluminum chloride colorimetric method was used to determine the total flavonol and flavone content of six vegetable crops or herbs: waterleaf, purslane, basil, carrot, and corn.
Flavones and flavonols at dietary levels inhibit a transformation of aryl hydrocarbon receptor induced by dioxin.
It was observed that 1) chlorogenic acid and stachyoside were totally absent from all the taxa in this group, 2) the verbascoside concentration decreased with elevation and may thus disappear from certain elevations, 3) poliumoside was present in all the taxa analyzed, with larger quantities formed by the North African taxa, 4) with regard to the four caffeic derivatives, no species thus displayed a marginal character with regard to the group as a whole, and neither of the two yellow-flowered groups was differentiated, and 5) with regard to flavonoids, only flavone D appeared to be of interest.
Recently, we showed that apigenin, a natural flavone found in chamomile, olive leaves, and other plant sources, has potent progestational activity (5).
As a methoxylated flavone, sinensetin is likely to be mainly metabolized by CYP1A subfamily (Walle and Walle, 2007) and studies indicated that CYP1 family enzymes were able to enhance the antiproliferative activity of dietary flavonoids (including sinensetin) on breast cancer cells through bioconversion to more active products (Androutsopoulos et al.
Additional proof for the structure of the new flavone galangustin (bucegin) obtained by carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy, Bul.
Several studies have reported the presence of leucocyanidin, leucodelphinidin, the flavone ester apigenin 7-O-p-hydroxybenzoate and a number of glycosides of apigenin, leutolin, isocutellarein-8-O-methyl-ether, kaempherol and quercetin (Salantina and Prado, 1998; Imperato, 2006); in addition it has been shown that P.
23 /Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tramford International Limited (''Tramford'' or the ''Company'') announced that the patent of ''bamboo flavone application in anti-prostate disease drug" developed by Future Solutions Development Inc.
The primary active principles in ginkgo are flavone glycosides and the terpene lactones bilobalide and certain ginkgolides, particularly ginkgolide B.
Molecular basis of the inhibition of human aromatase (estrogen synthetase) by flavone and isoflavone phytoestrogens: a site-directed mutagenesis study.
Many ginkgo products are standardized for flavone glycoside content at 24% and 6% terpene lactones.