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animal viruses belonging to the family Flaviviridae

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To our knowledge, no cases of encephalitis caused by a flavivirus in ungulates in Spain have been described since then.
A universal flavivirus real-time PCR screen that targets the nonstructural (NS) 5 gene (6) determined that the patient's serum was positive for flavivirus RNA, but subsequent species-specific PCR ruled out 2 other flaviviruses that are highly endemic to the region (dengue and Japanese encephalitis viruses) (7-9).
Although high numbers of dead birds were reported in resident wild birds concurrently with the equine WNF outbreak, it appeared to be caused by another flavivirus, Bagaza virus, not previously found in Europe (8).
Untreated animals with flavivirus (Modoc virus was used) showed generalized paralysis, tremor, and flaccid paralysis of hind legs before death.
The result demonstrated the possible presence of a flavivirus in ducks.
We report an outbreak of disease in wild birds (partridges and pheasants) in Spain that was caused by a flavivirus, Bagaza virus (BAGV).
West Nile virus (WNV), a mosquito-borne flavivirus, may cause outbreaks of febrile disease and encephalitis in humans and horses.
West Nile virus (WNV), the most widespread flavivirus, is distributed throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia, and since 1999, WNV has also been present in the Americas (1).
Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus (JEV) is a major mosquito-borne encephalitic flavivirus of rural eastern, southeastern and southern Asia.
It is the most prevalent Flavivirus infection of human with a world wide distribution in tropic and warm areas of the temperate zone corresponding to that of principal vector -Aedesaegypti.
Moreover, the slight increase in the HI antibodies within the range of 1:320 to 1:640 in sample number T11, T17 and T25 indicated the flavivirus activity, however, the detection of IgM and IgG antibodies strongly suggest the endemic activity of dengue virus in this area.
These detections could represent a limited transmission focus of either, or both, JEV and SLEV, or cross-reactive antibodies because of primary infection with an alternate flavivirus.
Other contributions report findings on eastern equine encephalitis virus genomes, the lyssavirus genome, correlations of phylogenetic relation among members of the genus Flavivirus, and the construction of an infectious molecular clone of HTLV-1.
According to MOH National Campaign for the prevention of AlKhumra Hemorrhagic Fever, the virus (genus Flavivirus, AHFV) was recently identified as the agent of a viral hemorrhagic fever in Saudi Arabia and characterized serologically and genetically as a variant genotype of Kyasanur Forest disease virus (KFDV).
The Flavivirus polymerase as a target for drug discovery.