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Synonyms for flaunt

show off


Synonyms for flaunt

to make a public and usually ostentatious show of

Synonyms for flaunt

the act of displaying something ostentatiously

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Many flaunting dolls had to be gaily dressed, before the money was in the dressmaker's pocket to get mourning for Mr Dolls.
modal=true) photo flaunting his Bugatti Veyron, Bugatti Grand Sport, Ferrari 458 Spider, Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, and private jet.
KARACHI -- The glamorous female security squad, dressed in black suits and flaunting black sunglasses, in Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) rally at BagheJinnah, Karachi added colours to the huge public gathering on Saturday.
So it's probably not a coincidence to see Jay-Z flashing an inverted diamond, Lindsay Lohan sporting the Baphomet horns, or Kesha flaunting the Eye of Horus.
Reliance officials, on the other hand, have asserted that the company has made around Rs 4,000 crore investments in the project and thus there is no harm in flaunting its name on the coaches.
Priyanka is seen flaunting her hourglass curves in a red hot dress.
The researchers concluded that Fendi handbags fend off romantic rivals, and flaunting designer products says "Back off
Revving the BMW's engine as you drive, wearing Gucci sunglasses indoors, or posting a picture of yourself posing with your iPad are all examples of flaunting the brand.
Perhaps she should take the same approach to flaunting herself in front of him, too.
Summary: A number of Olympic athletes have been flaunting nail art of their national flag in a beauty trend sweeping the 2012 Games.
But now sexy Nadia's motto is, 'If you've got it, flaunt it' and, boys, she's thinking of flaunting it all.
In Flaunting, Bailey offers some intriguing insights into English Renaissance society by tweaking definitions for terms frequently encountered in Renaissance studies.
But if you don't fancy flaunting your smalls to the world at least work them to best effect under your clothing.
The brightest comet in 4 decades is flaunting its dusty tail over southern skies, as this Jan.
Glamour editor Jo Elvin said: "We've seen a newer, softer-looking Kylie emerge this year - she's still sexy but she's not flaunting that side of herself in gold hotpants any more.