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Akey (and the general reader) is delighted by this development; it makes me a little nervous, watching America's finest flaunter of artifice mainstreaming himself at top speed; but our forty-seven critics don't seem to have noticed this yet, much less regretted it.
The flaunter of superiority-Recognize the participant's abilities, but then ask him or her to provide a solution for the group's most challenging problem.
Ochsner is a serial flaunter of a cardinal rule taught in most writing programs - "write what you know.
For the non-celebrities' online self-presentation, participants were exposed to two sets of pictures--"country non-mainstream," wearing bizarre dresses, and "wealth flaunters," posting pictures of luxury products or simply shopping bags with luxury brand names prominent in the photos.
Over 40 percent of Turkey's economy in 2011 was estimated to escape any state regulation or supervision, and the construction industry is considered among the most notorious flaunters of labor and workplace regulations.
It's not so much the perceived need of paranoid gun flaunters to holster up before heading to the hardware store or corner grocery or kid's soccer match that worries me.