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Synonyms for flaunt

show off


Synonyms for flaunt

to make a public and usually ostentatious show of

Synonyms for flaunt

the act of displaying something ostentatiously

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Over 40 percent of Turkey's economy in 2011 was estimated to escape any state regulation or supervision, and the construction industry is considered among the most notorious flaunters of labor and workplace regulations.
It's not so much the perceived need of paranoid gun flaunters to holster up before heading to the hardware store or corner grocery or kid's soccer match that worries me.
Further, she suggests that these flaunters may have "modified the associations of items traditionally used in certain ways by a particular social group, producing unorthodox combinations" and "exaggerated a particular aspect of a given item"--assumptions not necessarily borne out by the evidence in the primary texts (46).
It shows up the says, flaunters get their target audience in nightclubs, but the problem is, everybody is showing off.
Those who don't are ignorant flag flaunters and deserve all the ridicule they get.