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Synonyms for flaunt

show off


Synonyms for flaunt

to make a public and usually ostentatious show of

Synonyms for flaunt

the act of displaying something ostentatiously

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The ladies at Versailles who flaunted ever more elaborate coiffures adorned with miniature boats and other baubles were competing mainly with each other; the Parisian hostesses who convened Enlightenment salons were political agents, ambitious for influence, not simply historical glitter.
Unlike Kendall and Kylie who remained clothed for the duration of the evening, Miley ditched her top and flaunted her ice cream nipple pasties.
The sport star flaunted her perfectly honed thighs in the fitted dress as she attended the bash with her fiance, Scott Gardner, an Australian working as a coach for Team GB.
Ginger Spice, 38, turned up the heat in Miami when she modelled bikinis that flaunted her fabulous figure - a far cry from her scrawny look back in 2001.
Superintendent Ruben Zacarias needs to stop the illicit use of taxpayer money immediately and stress his displeasure that district employees have flaunted the law.
Jeanette Hanley flaunted a cynical sensuality as an Episode in the not-so-distant past of the man whom Caroline must marry.
Between the two of them, each element is embraced profoundly," flaunted Mr.
At the event, Bipasha flaunted a leopard-print pencil skirt with black blouse, while Harmaan sported a casual look.
London, Dec 16 (ANI): Claudine Keane, wife of soccer star Robbie, flaunted her perfect curves as she modelled the latest lingerie collection for Ultimo.
They claimed the lab flaunted a state order to stop breath-alcohol testing by continuing such testing.
AK Steel locked out 620 Mansfield workers and flaunted environmental laws," said USWA District One Director David McCall, "rightfully, its public image and reputation have suffered.
Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma flaunted her back as she unveiled Flaunt Your Back contest organized by cosmetic company Nivea in in Mumbai, on Friday.
Flaunted on 1-foot diameter stainless steel trays, all chicken sandwiches, "Zippidy Do Dogs" and the bigger 1/2 pound "Zoo Burgers" now will include a pleasurable amount of curly fries.
Lawrence had flaunted her gracious curves and side boobs with her green outfit during the New York premiere of "The Hunger Games.
Gary Lineker's fiancee Danielle Bux flaunts her assets|Entertainment[London{London, Aug 25 (ANI): Retire English footballer Gary Lineker's fiancee, Danielle Bux, is said to have flaunted her wares on a recent night out.