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The New Zealand flatworm is established in Northern Ireland, and spreading south from Scotland and north-west England.
In Tabasco, the oyster predators include the boring snails, Melongena melongena and Thais haemostoma; blue crabs, Callinectes sapidus; and flatworms (Garrido and Utrera, 1987).
But stem cells really show off their healing powers in planarians, humble flatworms fabled for their ability to rebuild any missing body part.
This makes them 30 times more likely to be eaten by a bird, thus passing the flatworm onto the next host.
These included the gastropod Acteocina inculta (Gould) (Stations C and F in 1977; Station D in 1979), the polychaetes Leitoscolopos pugettensis (Pettibone) (= Haploscoloplos elongatus in Dexter (1983); Station E in 1980), Chaetozone corona Berkeley and Berkeley (Stations F and G in 1980), and Armandia brevis (Moore) (Station E in 1991), an unidentified turbellarian flatworm (Station E in 1981), the amphipod Aoroides columbiae Walker (Station E in 1981), and the isopod Paracerceis gilliana (Richardson) (Station D in 1985).
Researchers at Coventry University have noticed a link between the cancer and the disease Bilharzia which is caused by a parasitic flatworm found in the River Nile.
The tiny flatworm Planaria can be cut into as many as 32 pieces, each of which will grow into a whole new animal complete with eyes, mouth and internal organs.
But there is one other possibility for their disappearance - the New Zealand flatworm.
Such a delay could shift and lengthen windows of susceptibility in which malformation-triggering events, such as flatworm infections or endocrine disruption, may occur.
The New Zealand flatworm is thought to have been in Britain for the past 30 years after being brought to this country via imported plants.
And if they are pulled apart, each cell will grow into a complete organism, rather like the cut flatworm.
Another contained a parasitic flatworm in its kidney that identified its home stream as somewhere between northern California and southern Puget Sound.
The parasitic flatworm infects more than 200 million people worldwide, with three times that many individuals at risk for infection.
New research from the University of Southampton has identified a coral-eating flatworm as a potential threat for coral reefs.
Washington, Jan 6 (ANI): A tiny, freshwater flatworm found in ponds and rivers around the world is the first animal ever discovered without a crucial structure inside its cells known as the centrosome, according to a new study.