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Synonyms for flatware

tableware that is relatively flat and fashioned as a single piece

silverware eating utensils


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Whether you're registering for a first set of silverware or wanting to finally find that perfect set that complements your table and your personality, we have tips from a vintage flatware hunter, the editor of a home design magazine, interior designers and a shop owner who scours the market for the best of the best.
higher ticket price], but more consumers are buying flatware more
Jay "Gold Rim" glass chargers, Castleton "Laurel" dinner and dessert plates, antique sterling flatware, Crate and Barrel glass goblets
While the flatware patterns expertly relate back to the dinnerware, they can also easily stand alone, broadening the collection's appeal.
1 Oneida Oneida's Serafina 18/0 flatware pattern, part of its decorative grouping, has a mirror and bead blast finish, oneida.
The long-running Betty Crocker catalog is the largest seller of Oneida stainless steel flatware.
Mikasa has long been recognized as the leader in tabletop fashion in dinnerware, crystal stemware, barware, flatware and decorative accessories.
Nonetheless, or because of this, flatware vendors continue to pursue new channels of retail distribution, offer more fashion-forward designs, and adapt to changing consumer buying habits with more expanded set configurations and open stock options.
Consumer research conducted by the research firm Unity Marketing shows upscale shoppers are looking toward their specialty stores for flatware finds.
No longer relegated to the patio or picnic, plastic-handled flatware is evolving from an opening price point business to a more upscale one defined by fashion and high quality.
Three--Aquila, Ravine and Circco--coordinate with patterns that were a part of the company's big push into flatware in April, and the last dinnerware group is from designer Eva Zeisel.
The cups and saucers, flatware, cranberry-colored glasses and blue sherbet glasses from Agoura Antique Mart in Agoura Hills.