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We found further that ERAS shortened the time tofirst flatus and time to semi-liquid diet, indicating that these factors accounted for the early discharge of members of the ERAS group.
Unpaired t-test was used to compare the mean time of passage of first flatus, faeces, length of hospital stay, while wound infection between two groups was compared using chi-square test.
2 Gungorduk and associates found that patients in the coffee-consumption group, compared with controls, had reduced the time to flatus by 12 hours (mean [SD] time to flatus, 30.
l Excessive flatus -- this is caused by swallowing air, eating high-fibre foods, being lactose intolerant or some digestive disorders.
Results: Early oral intake resulted in start of solid diet earlier by average 9 hours; these patients had normal bowel sounds, and passed flatus, earlier, after 4 hours and 5 hours as compared to late feeding group.
The stools may be green and smell of rotten eggs and there may be great abdominal distension with small quantities of flatus being passed.
Operation time intraoperative blood loss first postoperative flatus time time to out-of-bed activity mean maximum postoperative body temperature and duration of fever were all significantly shorter and less severe in the VH group compared with the AH group.
Anal incontinence is defined as involuntary loss of faeces or flatus.
The interval between CS and first postoperative flatus, defecation, and walking; appearance of nausea, vomiting, or abdominal pain with abdominal distension as symptoms of ileus; use of other medicines for stimulating bowel movement; properties and state of feces; and duration of postoperative hospital stay were recorded for patients in both groups.
Using a standardized scale, subjects rated the occurrence and severity of bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and flatus and recorded each passage of flatus.
Shreddies said that through extensive testing the carbon cloth could filter odours 200 times the strength of the average flatus emission.
The second part included the postpartum maternal and perineal outcomes of pain at the trauma site; bleeding; difficult posture; difficulty in handling the baby; difficult breastfeeding; urinary problems and urinary incontinence; elimination difficulties, including flatus and fecal incontinence.
Daily progress including bowel sounds, passage of stool and flatus and any complications were noted.
In each visit DRE was performed and enquiry was made about pain, faecal soiling and flatus or faeces incontinence.