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Synonyms for flattering

Synonyms for flattering

pleasingly suited to the wearer

Antonyms for flattering

showing or representing to advantage

References in classic literature ?
And so, in all ignorance, the Queen followed her out into the garden and listened to her smooth, flattering words.
Hunt and his party at Astoria, and giving the most flattering accounts of the prosperity of the enterprise.
Or rather," she added, giving up the prospect again, "it would be, I think, quite extraordinarily flattering if he did.
There are various ways of flattering, and, of course, you must adapt your style to your subject.
The Tilneys, they, by whom, above all, she desired to be favourably thought of, outstripped even her wishes in the flattering measures by which their intimacy was to be continued.
She addressed her conversation almost exclusively to him, and there was something flattering in the way she appealed constantly to his sane judgment.
These different people- businessmen, relations, and acquaintances alike- were all disposed to treat the young heir in the most friendly and flattering manner: they were all evidently firmly convinced of Pierre's noble qualities.
She'll never again think me anything but a paltry pretence-- too nice to take heaven except upon flattering conditions, and yet selling myself for any devil's change by the sly.
Not to awaken suspicion he was flattering ad nauseum, insinuating as a perfume, and cajoling as a woman.
However, it was not all a bed of roses for des Lupeaulx; he flattered and advised his master, forced to flatter in order to advise, to advise while flattering, and disguise the advice under the flattery.
And while we are at it, how do stores get those special flattering mirrors in their changing rooms to make you look skinny and your face look soft-focus so you buy all the things?
Floral prints loral prints magically hide lumps and magically hide lumps and bumps, so this bumps, so this is a surprisingly is a surprisingly flattering trend.
It shows how to make connections between initial options and end results, how to pose the entire body for a flattering look, and how to blend subjects with scenes that flatter them.
By updating designs and using power stretch fabrics the range incorporates style while providing a flattering fit whatever your shape or size.
Yes, celebs have got 'selfies' down to a fine art but for us mere mortals a flattering swimwear shot takes a bit of a work.