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  • verb

Synonyms for flatten

Synonyms for flatten

to make even, smooth, or level

Synonyms for flatten

become flat or flatter

lower the pitch of (musical notes)



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In this paper, we present a simple, two-period model that attempts to quantitatively explain the flattening of life-cycle profiles.
Flattening (F): flattening is the measure of compression of a circle along a diameter to form an ellipse as determined by the following formula:
So for experimentation chosen methods are: pure conformal mapping, pure isometric mapping and angle based flattening, that is closely related to conformal mapping.
Another new tool in the 2015 release allows ShoeMaker Pro to analyse flattenings that have been created outside the software and then use the findings to create a flattening parameter file.
In this study, I examine two process of Xenopus laevis embryo development--namely, the processes of egg flattening and twin embryo production.
In the tights a knitted woven sling cups the buttocks lifting and shaping them without flattening the natural curve and Secret Slimming technology is used to weave them fabric to again slim and smooth the thighs and flatten the tummy.
Financial traders call this a flattening of the yield curve as the industrialized world central banks, led by the Federal Reserve, have kept short-term rates extraordinarily low.
Second, by flattening dry, rough-sawn wood, you'll end up with boards that are perfectly flat, straight and true, which is rare with store-bought boards.
Stomach Flattening Training Manual" is Doug Setter's guide to putting one's body through the lifestyle change it needs to change its life for the better.
According to the company, machine-ready blanks allow production to start immediately, with blanks loading into the machine without prep operations such as sawing, grinding, flattening, or squaring.
As the England/Scotland boundary proceeds south to north at approximately 045deg there should be no flattening of the line until it meets Norwegian waters.
Mum Moira said: "We first noticed the back of Tom's head flattening when he was four weeks old.
Under the program, automobile dismantlers will remove mercury-containing light switches from scrap vehicles prior to flattening the vehicles.
The flattening of the world, as I have tried to demonstrate in this book, has presented us with new opportunities, new challenges, new partners but also, alas, new dangers, particularly as Americans," Friedman writes.
While affordability seems to be flattening out, the broader picture remained pretty much unchanged in December.