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  • verb

Synonyms for flatten

Synonyms for flatten

to make even, smooth, or level

Synonyms for flatten

become flat or flatter

lower the pitch of (musical notes)



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There are many 3D modelling programs, which have flattening functions, for example ShoeMaster, Blender 3D, Rhinoceros, 3D coat.
Automated flattening is incredibly important to us as well and once we found out that there was a Cloud-based ExactFlat Plugin the decision to use Fusion 360 was a no-brainer.
Another new tool in the 2015 release allows ShoeMaker Pro to analyse flattenings that have been created outside the software and then use the findings to create a flattening parameter file.
In the tights a knitted woven sling cups the buttocks lifting and shaping them without flattening the natural curve and Secret Slimming technology is used to weave them fabric to again slim and smooth the thighs and flatten the tummy.
After all, the Bernanke Federal Reserve recently instituted "Operation Twist," which in effect has the Fed artificially driving down long-term rates, flattening the yield curve.
As the England/Scotland boundary proceeds south to north at approximately 045deg there should be no flattening of the line until it meets Norwegian waters.
Mum Moira said: "We first noticed the back of Tom's head flattening when he was four weeks old.
Under the program, automobile dismantlers will remove mercury-containing light switches from scrap vehicles prior to flattening the vehicles.
Prevention Fitness Systems: The Abs Advantage (40 minutes, color) presents four stomach flattening, 12-minute routines by expert trainer Chris Freytag.
Then starting from the bottom line of foam/where waves break and de-escalate,/falling risers flattening to a comb,//you zigzag slowly up the sand,/clutching a plastic scoop with built-in sieve,/metal detector dowsing and//waved over stog and little like a fan.
The flattening of the world, as I have tried to demonstrate in this book, has presented us with new opportunities, new challenges, new partners but also, alas, new dangers, particularly as Americans," Friedman writes.
And at last we can start to recognize the terrible suffering of the Germans: the flattening of most of their cities, in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions, signed by the British and the Americans; the hundreds of thousands of refugees, and the rubbing out of thousand-year-old Germanic cultures in many parts of Eastern Europe.
While affordability seems to be flattening out, the broader picture remained pretty much unchanged in December.
While premium volume was about $25 billion in 2002 and climbing, Timmons believes there will be a flattening or loss of premium volume in the next three to five years.