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Synonyms for flatten

Synonyms for flatten

to make even, smooth, or level

Synonyms for flatten

become flat or flatter

lower the pitch of (musical notes)



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Again, it is not known what happened to the contents, but the details themselves have fascinated the Will Flatteners.
Depending on how you count, seven of his 10 flatteners are tech trends, and although he takes care in World to warn his readers that the success of globalization doesn't depend on the success of the dotcom revolution, he undermines that warning by spending almost the entire book evangelizing technology.
72-130 focal reducer/field flattener produces a large, well-corrected and -illuminated field for large-format sensors.
Additionally, companies that have been operating auto flatteners are looking into logger/bales because, unlike flattened autos, logged autos are not subject to specific containment regulations during transport.
Each unit is fully rotating and is threaded to accept the company's SFF725 and SFF25 photographic field flatteners.
Built-in shape-wear from hidden tummy flatteners to instant boob jobs are his secret weapons for turning heads.
Perhaps less well publicized, however, is the key role balers, loggers and flatteners are playing in preparing North America's obsolete scrap to enter the market.
The increasing popularity of small refractors for astrophotography has spawned the development of several "universal" field flatteners suited for focal ratios from about f/5 to f/8.
Quick clamp carriers feature heavy-duty frames and corrosion-resistant clamps; pneumatic, hydraulic or fully automatic clamp tighteners; and pneumatic panel flatteners.
All the flatteners I've used in the past have been made with the 55mm back focus dictated by the T standard established for 35-mm cameras.
The value-priced clamp carriers feature: heavy-duty frames; corrosion-resistant clamps; pneumatic, hydraulic or fully-automatic clamp tighteners; and pneumatic panel flatteners.
With only a few noteworthy (and expensive) exceptions, refractors need optional field flatteners in order to deliver acceptable star images across the field of today's DSLR cameras.
Similar field flatteners are available from Tele Vue and Williams Optics, and I would consider one essential for serious imaging with the TMB-92.
The value-priced clamp carriers feature: heavy-duty frames; corrosion resistant clamps; pneumatic, hydraulic or fully-automatic clamp tighteners, and pneumatic panel flatteners.
The scope has well-corrected optics capable of producing tight star images across the fields of today's popular digital SLR cameras without additional field flatteners or coma correctors.