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  • verb

Synonyms for flatten

Synonyms for flatten

to make even, smooth, or level

Synonyms for flatten

become flat or flatter

lower the pitch of (musical notes)



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71): Dingo Cave (6N-160) (Beier 1969; Richards 1971), Cocklebiddy Cave (6N-48, 31[degrees]57'5, 125[degrees] 55'E), Pannikin Plain Cave (6N-49, 32[degrees]02'5, 126[degrees]11'E), Murra-El-Elevyn Cave (6N-47) (Beier 1975), Tiggas Lair, Scudd Cave (N-520) and Phyllistine Flattener Cave (6N-194) (this study).
The module has dedicated controls, a reject card hopper, and a card lamination flattener to reduce card bowing.
One "lucky" punch - Lewis' description of the fifth-round flattener in South Africa - caused that marked change of opinion but still punters large and small came in for the club fighter from Baltimore, who now returns from oblivion whence he came.
Sadly, as the researchers from Mintel discovered, while the home gym market is worth a cool pounds 184million, too many of us peak too soon in our exercise regimes, casting aside that gleaming new exercise bike, stomach flattener or set of dumb- bells.
Trading standards bosses in the Black Country are seeking an old-fashioned flattener to squash video nasties.
John Steele, a flattener in the glass works who lived next to the church, said he saw Hoover climb a fence onto the backside of the church property after Mrs.
iPath([R]) US Treasury Flattener ETN (Ticker Symbol: FFL)
Tenders are invited for It Shall Includes Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Of Strip Milling Machine With Coiler And De-Coiler And Multiple Roll Flattener Unit, Auxiliaries, Consumable And Spares , Construction Of Foundation, Erection And Commissioning Of Strip Milling Machine With Coiler And De-Coiler Multiple Roll Flattener Unit
The program grew and so did the need for separation and volume reduction equipment, which led Davis to invent the world's first aluminum can flattener - the CP100 - for use in his own yard.
Standalone Machines featured Skinners, Portioners, Deli Slicer, Bandsaw, Marination Tumbler, Meat Harvesters, Flattener, Checkweigher and Scales.
The Field Flattener system will help relieve eye fatigue by minimizing curvature at the edges of the viewing area.
This iron was also a 'Slug iron' and it would have been a very good slug flattener.
Range includes the Bum Lifter, the Tummy Flattener and the Bum, Tum and Thigh Reducer.