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  • verb

Synonyms for flatten

Synonyms for flatten

to make even, smooth, or level

Synonyms for flatten

become flat or flatter

lower the pitch of (musical notes)



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Eberle's photograph, taken in the 1963 Tennessee Pipeline Company Building in Houston, shows a dense grid of small illuminated squares emerging from a dark background, though the light and dark areas are so flattened out that it is impossible to discern scale or material.
Orange Shoals, in the town of Canton, Georgia, a little northeast of Atlanta, ls named for the land's wild orange trees and the shoals, earth flattened out by gurgling waterfalls that are in the creeks and streams.
Once in air, each snake flattened out and moved side-to-side.
It really flattened out and hitters were just sitting on it and we were working with him to take a little off it.
A 286 meter adit intersected the Casa de Fuerza vein about 40 meters further to the northeast than projected as the vein unexpectantly flattened out at depth.