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having been flattened


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Twice again, imperatively, he called Jerry to him, and twice again, with flattened ears of gentleness and wagging tail, Jerry good-naturedly expressed his disinclination.
Indeed, this deformed, unrecognizable object, reduced to nothing, was the body of Satellite, flattened like a bagpipe without wind, and ever mounting, mounting!
At the sound of his voice, Wolf's ears had flattened down, then his mouth had opened in a laugh.
His voice rang out sharply, and at the sound the dog's ears flattened down as to a caress.
Now, major, if you will try to use this piece of flattened wood, I'll let
In the middle of the bed under the blanket, was a wet flattened SOMETHING--much dinged in, in the middle where the pail had caught it
Their tails are flattened sideways, and all four feet partially webbed.
The 2s-30s spread has flattened nearly 4 bp to inside +80 bp.
The bank will not care that my business was flattened by the government.
The air tube is sequentially flattened by the tire footprint in a direction opposite to a tire direction of rotation to pump air along the passageway to a regulator device.
When I load a 9mm to a velocity of 1,100 fps or so I have fellow shooters pointing to flattened primers as an indicator of over-pressure.
A rather tall and wide mountain, it's top was already gone, and it was flattened midway its height.
Hence, reducing deformation on loading location would be the key to improving the results accuracy utilizing the Brazilian test, and the flattened Brazilian test would be a good alternative.
Fill the beaker with these flattened puffins; Now, add more flattened puffins to this beaker until it is filled.