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  • verb

Synonyms for flatten

Synonyms for flatten

to make even, smooth, or level

Synonyms for flatten

become flat or flatter

lower the pitch of (musical notes)



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I like that flatten bust have of "I usually go for bikinis with underwired cups and a bit of padding.
The firm control panels help to flatten your tummy and smooth the hips and bottom for all-over shaping.
Cllr Hudson said: "After receiving concerns from residents that there were anti-social behaviour problems on a regular basis in this particular area in Coulby Newham, I thought there could only be one solution to solve the problem and that would be either to remove the ring altogether or flatten it.
The remaining part of the slip and knicker is made with firm control fabric which slims and smoothes the thighs and flattens the tummy.
Work to flatten the site will start on January 27 and should be completed by the end of May.
Southern California's housing bubble won't end with a pop but a hiss as prices flatten, and any declines will materialize slowly, a UCLA economist said Thursday.
For my second example (opposite, top left), I used a telephoto zoom lens set at about 200mm to flatten perspective in this photograph of a row of tombs in a Buddhist cemetery in Pakxe, Laos.
The horse began to flatten towards the end of the race, and it's obvious on video.
Fourth is the The Italian Job for the Mini car chase through Turin, followed by Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now, where Col Kilgore (Robert Duvall) and his helicopters swarm out of the dawn light to flatten a Vietcong village.
But, price erosion of some of the less hazardous classes and taking back some of the surplus lines business into the standard market may flatten and perhaps erode some of the growth, he said.
Each decurl station can be outfitted with various diameter breaker rolls that can flatten the web without damaging the surface of the material.
Divide dough in half, flatten into a disc and wrap with plastic.
Consider this from Bill O'Reilly's broadcast of March 26: "You flatten Baghdad, you flatten the troops, we flatten all the troops.
Bulldozers flatten old oaks to make way for a subdivison of matching houses and manicured lawns.