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an associate who shares an apartment with you

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One of Mr Percy's new flatmates, Christopher Peat, said he did not even know about the court case.
A MAN who stabbed his flatmate to death as he slept has been sent to a secure psychiatric hospital without limit of time.
One in 10 said their flatmates had ended up having relationships.
Meanwhile, Carmel Thomas from Dublin's Clontarf and her flatmates are also out on the town celebrating the Millenium.
The show lines up people with possible new flatmates and sets a series of tests designed to help them decide who will move into their empty bedroom.
Mentally ill Craigen, 32, told police he wanted to "incinerate" his flatmates for being rude, the city's sheriff court heard yesterday.
At the beginning the programme explained how Scott was up against six other potential flatmates for the empty bedroom in the flat in Dundas Street in the elegant New Town.
Final flatmate is the appealing Annie (Lenora Crichlow), who died in an accident but can't shake off her worldly ties, especially her feelings for her former fiance, who is also the landlord of their house-share.
uk which commissioned the research, said: "We were expecting Pete to feature highly on the flatmates from hell list, but taking nearly 60 per cent of the votes was a landslide we weren't expecting.
When I took her to bed for the first time she woke all my flatmates with her very vocal enjoyment of our lovemaking.
Reading his mum's thoughts, Peter volunteered, 'I know what you must be thinking, but Simon and are just flatmates.
He left in July, along with his five student flatmates.
The story goes: "My flatmates and I saw Stefano Eranio and his wife buying a bin in Wilkinson's.
His flatmates were given anti-biotics but the bug was later ruled out as the cause of death.
I felt lucky and thought it would improve my confidence to have female flatmates.