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an associate who shares an apartment with you

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Officials at the Florida holiday resort received the email in which Aberdeen University student Samantha Mitchell, 20, pretended to be the girl's flatmate and implied she was drunk and possibly under the influence of drugs.
Flatmate Ross Turner described Mr Mitchell as a 'very private person' who rarely talked about his problems.
I went out to the living room and saw the defendant sitting on a chair while my flatmate was behind her door shaking and yelling.
was said to have consumed liquor before he walked towards his countrywoman flatmate and groped her while she was asleep in May.
Eventually, both Qadri and her two Hindu flatmates were forced to leave the house.
The witness said he learnt later from his flatmate that the defendant disappeared and was never returning his calls after he collected the money.
Reading his mother's thoughts, Anthony volunteered, "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you, Maria and I are just flatmates.
Unfortunately for Simon just as his Mum is about to start catching a programme, his flatmate Anna, played by TV and film actress Rebecca Night, emerges from the shower with a just towel wrapped around her leading to some confusion and embarrassment
AN Indian woman whose flatmate died after saving her life in a fire almost two years ago was flown home last night.
A: THE most effective way to solve this is to rent out a room to another flatmate as having a third person in the house will completely change the energy.
Summary: Amanda Knox is to stand trial for allegedly slandering policemen during the investigation into the killing of her British flatmate.
When it came to overnight guests, most felt it was fine for a flatmate's partner to stay the night once or twice a week, while 81 per cent felt flatmates who have regular overnight guests should chip in more for bills.
I'M a 22-year-old-girl and have always fancied my female flatmate.
Britain's ideal flatmate is Kelly Brook (26%) with Jo guest 2nd and Cat Deeley 3rd - but just 0.