flathead catfish

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large catfish of central United States having a flattened head and projecting jaw

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Food habits of adult flathead catfish, Pylodictus olivaris (Rafinesque), in Oklahoma reservoirs.
The smallest depth ratio of all fish collected came from flathead catfish (0.
Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Genoa National Fish Hatchery, Wisconsin, and Pam Thiel and biologists at the USFWS Fishery Resources Office, at Onalaska, Wisconsin, will be working with our research team to expose flathead catfish, blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus), and channel catfish, among other species, to determine if they will facilitate glochidial transformation in the laboratory.
Second, the right combination of environmental conditions must exist, and, third, there must a food chain that leads to a top predator fish like largemouth bass or flathead catfish.
According to the Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) guide titled, Choose Wisely: A Healthy Guide to Eating Fish in Wisconsin, women of childbearing age and children under fifteen years old should only eat two meals per month of canned white tuna, tuna steaks and halibut; and eat only one meal per month of fish like walleye, northern pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and flathead catfish.
Biological investigations of flathead catfish in the Cape Fear River.
Other fish like stripers and flathead catfish seem to like swift water and can be found near the stronger current flows.
Late June's Gaskin Park Flathead Catfish Tournament in Wewahitchka was the place to be if you are into big flathead catfish.
The Apalachicola River Flathead Catfish Tournament Trail offers anglers the chance to strut their stuff in four different contest held from spring through fall.
In Florida's Panhandle, 12-year-old Blake Schuler broke out of that mold at the Gaskin Park Flathead Catfish Tournament (June 29-30) when he crushed the competition--adults too--taking first, third, and fifth place, plus "most overall weight.
Both rigs are very effective for big flathead catfish.
Other joint projects have included the construction and installation of more than 15 deep-water fish attractors in 1989-1994, and research in 1999-2000 to assess the impact of a flathead catfish introduction.