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Synonyms for flatfoot

Synonyms for flatfoot

a policeman who patrols a given region

a foot afflicted with a fallen arch

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Where Michelangelo was prosaic and blunt to the point of flatfooted literalism, Nims's speaker is too clever by half, too distanced by incessantly breezy wit, to let us take his passionate yearnings and ambivalence quite as seriously as he did.
This was so sudden that it caught me flatfooted, but I was still able to nervously frame a question to Greenberg about the inspiration for the book's encryption theme.
No wonder that the FBI was caught flatfooted following the Oklahoma City bombing, because it had not been collecting information on potentially violent right-wing groups such as the various so-called patriot militias.
Her transformation was clearly etched in Ribeiro's dynamic performance, from the flatfooted stomps and high, vicious kicks of Act I to the softer, more vulnerable woman of Act II.
With obvious humor and matter-of-fact directness, his flatfooted art demonstrates that it is the quasi-Romantic quest for originality rather than originality's putative disappearance that empties art of meaning.