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sweet lean whitish flesh of any of numerous thin-bodied fish

any of several families of fishes having flattened bodies that swim along the sea floor on one side of the body with both eyes on the upper side

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2012) because flatfish species were not able to be easily distinguished in most previous studies (e.
A flatfish found washed up near New Brighton promenade, following heavy storms Picture: STEVE MADDEN
NEWBIGGIN SAC Twenty-one rods fished and six weighed in 10 flatfish and five codling.
Larval flatfish are not one-sided like the adult but have eyes on both sides of their body.
Meanwhile, in pre-packed fish, volume sales of mackerel were up 152% week-on-week, with organic salmon up 55% and flatfish up 23%.
Flatfish of Grimsby, the company undertaking the primary processing, only deals with boats that use the proven responsible 'seine net' method, which does not damage the sea bed and minimises the amount of juvenile fish caught, contributing to the species not being over-fished.
Crab, cod and flatfish were all down, but clams went from .
These flatfish are physically quite bizarre in the way their eyes have adapted to their pancake-like form.
I can understand why the present one-sided eye position is advantageous for flatfish.
Fossils show middle stage of the evolution of flatfish eyes to one side of their head
Key Words: flatfish, bay whiff, habitat, nursery, settlement
Happier times, however, are certainly ahead for lingcod and flatfish fanciers.
Halibut, the largest of the flatfish, gets star billing at McCormick & Schmick's, 111 N.
The exhibition at the Godo Gallery in Seoul, South Korea, will combine Grass' written work with his engravings which feature frogs, mushrooms, eels, flatfish, snails and feathers as well as a self portrait.
9-ton flatfish gill net fishing boat belongs to the Nemuro fishery cooperative.