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freight car without permanent sides or roof


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Although the overall number of cars owned dropped by about 200 and chemical tank cars dropped by almost 900, ownership of POL tank cars, boxcars, and flatcars increased.
With no teams available, the Worcester firefighters muscled the heavy pumpers off the flatcars and pushed them down Washington Street where they began to pour water on the walls still standing.
There really was a blind horse called Tom who worked pulling flatcars for construction crews who were building our country's first transcontinental railroad.
Just 48 years before, when I was a newly minted shavetail and Pioneer Platoon Leader, I too had to load all the wheeled and tracked vehicles of an entire battalion on rail flatcars, when I'd never even seen one close up.
The company began increasing the load volume of the containers on flatcars to reduce empty truck miles.
The mobilization for an overseas posting of an American brigade is a thing of organizational beauty, a martial symphony of cranes and flatcars, scored in bar codes and conducted by sergeants with clipboards.
As Levinson observes, the idea of shipping freight in large boxes goes back at least to the late nineteenth century, when some British and French railway operators tried to move household furniture stored in wooden boxes from rail flatcars to horse carts.
The pipe was then loaded on railroad flatcars for transport to Gillette where it was transported via truck to the right of way in the hilly terrain of the Powder River Valley.
I soon became foreman of the crew unloading trucks, railroad flatcars and boxcars.
Bridges constructed of used railroad flatcars provide excellent nest sites if the ledges do not extend to the abutments, thus allowing mammalian access.
Its pocket size lends to just such practical consultation and packs in hundreds of locomotives, flatcars, specialty car and cabooses, adding over five hundred color photos to over 2,000 listings of cars and accessories.
A two-lane bridge - using three railroad flatcars as support - is expected to be open by the end of March.
Intermodal traffic employs several technologies, including truck trailers on flatcars, or "TOFC," shipments; single or double-stack containers of standard size, which can be transferred to and from most transportation modes, including maritime shipping, trucking, air transport, and rail; and the least common technology, trailers that can either be used as standalone freight cars on the rails or rubber-tired truck trailers.
Eagan, the American schoolteacher at Tarlac, saw several flatcars piled with timber on which large numbers of obreros sat: "Many of them had handkerchiefs .
As a result, hospital trains were required to run only during daylight hours; emergency night runs were guarded by military policemen, who rode on sandbagged flatcars.