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freight car without permanent sides or roof


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A two-lane bridge - using three railroad flatcars as support - is expected to be open by the end of March.
Three factors are increasing CSX commercial flatcar freight, said Meyer.
Since nearly all tank cars are private cars, the military's fleet ownership costs were fairly well compensated until the boxcar and flatcar purchases during the Korean War.
These first two trains did not include a launch car, but the last two trains included a pre-prototype and a flatcar carrying a Minuteman third stage to test the effects of vibration on solid rocket motors.
On the second flatcar a firefighter hung on for dear life.
He traveled by train and, for his personal transportation, always brought with him an automobile on a flatcar.
hauls himself atop a flatcar and takes up residence in a pinioned Winnebago.
We envision transportability by ship, barge, cargo aircraft, or airship, and theater mobility by tractor trailer truck, railroad flatcar, cargo aircraft, or airship.
That poor little boy--he's so hideously thin and yellow, like one of those wrecks lying on a flatcar in Dachau.
1 the accelerometer have been rigidly connected with a prismatic block, placed on the flatcar of the considered vehicle.
Staff members net and load their tree aboard the flatcar for the journey back to Fillmore, while passengers visit with Santa.
It involves a railroad flatcar fitted with dolly wheels, a second set of rails and berms designed to stabilize the train cars and allow easy truck access on and off the cars.
Mounted on a railroad flatcar, it was protected in front by a sloping iron-plated shield through which a porthole had been cut for the muzzle of the gun.
Crowded onto a platform that doubles as a railroad flatcar and an executioner's scaffold, the eight black men stand or kneel; some gesture for help from the viewer, others stoically await death.
Although a railroad flatcar bridge was not used to restore essential freeway service in the aftermath of the Northridge quake, Caltrans decided to pursue the idea for future needs.