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having a flat bottom


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After a brief stop in Pittsburgh, Holley continued on a fifty-three-by -fourteen foot flatbottom boat loaded with thirty-three tons of iron and assorted goods down the Ohio River.
Other worthy notes: fireworks, ten feet of flatbottom and the ultimate in contest madness, the "dead cat toss" into a frenzied crowd.
Trujillo did a frontside air over his head, threw his board and split the photographers head on the flatbottom.
You tend to get up early when you're using flatbottom as a pillow, and we woke the security guard at 6:45am to let us out.
The flatbottom was full of rocks and sand, but the over-vert lip was begging for skate liberation so he returned with a shovel and a broom and freed the spot from its dormant boredom.
I tried to grind through it, locked up, and got sent to the flatbottom on my way in.
AFTER EACH TIME he'd mess up, the pilot would pick him up on the flatbottom and give him a lift to the top of the Mega to drop in again.
I still don't know what's worse, getting your neck cranked back by a smelly Baca butt or falling that far to the flatbottom.
It looked wet, it had the shine on it, but if you went straight across the flatbottom it was perfect.
The bittersweet winner of the worst slam award was our own Robbie Russo, who collided with Rune Glifberg on the flatbottom during the "vert jam.
The embankments, resembling driveway curb cuts, rise about a foot on each side and the flatbottom is approximately the length of a skateboard.
In the end Tony got close but never set one down, and Ben over-rotated his elbow into the flatbottom, leading to a cautionary hospital visit.
And then when you get out of control like Jake did, when he landed on the flatbottom .