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an electronic device that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer

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Fujitsu introduces the fi-65F, a new model of the market proven Fujitsu A6 flatbed scanner concept designed to scan identification documents.
According to Ib Drachman-Hansen, President of Scanview, "Our flatbed scanner products have become very popular and successful prepress and graphics tools in Europe and Asia.
The Microtek ScanMaker V300 is a 24-bit color flatbed scanner that offers 300 x 600 dpi optical resolution and 4800 x 4800 dpi software enhanced resolution.
MacUser evaluated five flatbed scanners in the range of $7,000 to $30,000, which included the Howtek Scanmaster 2500 with Trident(TM) scanning application, Scitex SmART 320, UMAX Mirage D-16L, Agfa Horizon Ultra, and the PixelCraft Pro Imager 8200.
No other flatbed scanner on the market offers this much capability in a sub-$400 price range.
The announcement makes professional-level flatbed scanner available, for the first time, to both novice users who want to avoid complicated hardware installations and notebook users who want the capabilities of a flatbed scanner.
The IX-3010 grayscale flatbed scanner is the smallest scanner in its class, measuring only 11-1/8 inches (width), by 15-11/16 inches (length) by 3-1/8 inches (height).
Capitalizing on Canon's heritage as the creator of powerful imaging technology, the scanner products are firmly establishing CCSI as one of the major players in the flatbed scanner market.
Currently, ScanWizard is offered as a bundled product from Microtek, free with the purchase of either a ScanMaker IIHR of ScanMaker III color flatbed scanner.
A highly re-engineered flatbed scanner, the OpticBook 3600 incorporates Plustek's unique, patent-pending SEE(TM) Technology that allows a book to lie completely flat on the scanning glass.
0 or higher, four MB RAM, three MB free disk space, and the Logitech ScanMan(R) or other hand-held or flatbed scanner.
The new OneTouch 9420 USB is an extremely fast color flatbed scanner with the ability to scan up to 4800 x 9600 dpi in 48-bit color and includes a built-in transparency adapter and film holder for scanning negatives and slides.
New Models Combine the High Resolution and DMax of a Dedicated Film Scanner with the Versatility of a Flatbed Scanner to Deliver Outstanding Results
1990 - grayscale sheetfed scanner -- 1992 - color sheetfed scanner -- 1993 - power-cordless ADF scanner -- 1994 - multi-function color scanner -- 1995 - personal page scanner -- 1996 - EPP slim flatbed scanner -- 1997 - A3 size flatbed scanner -- 1998 - affordable multi-imaging flatbed scanner -- 1999 - smallest CCD flatbed scanner -- 1999 - multi-function peripheral (Taiwan's first, world's second) -- 2001 - smallest business card reader -- 2002 - smallest A4 mobile scanner -- 2003 - slimmest CIS flatbed scanner -- 2004 - dedicated, low-cost book scanner -- 2004 - 7200dpi film scanner, highest resolution on market -- 2004 - 3 axis (pan, tilt, focus) Webcam -- 2004 - A5 flatbed scanner