flatbed press

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a printing press where the type is carried on a flat bed under a cylinder that holds paper and rolls over the type

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A flatbed press designed for accurate DOVID application to bank drafts, bonds, certificates, cheques and tickets is the Dimuken DC8614 US sheet fed machine.
The paper is as heavy as it comes in a book--106-pound gloss-art paper--as white as a trout's belly, and it's acid-free and printed (unlike magazines) on the world's best flatbed press.
Draver said a multi-million-dollar investment in new presses and supporting personnel and capabilities reflects a total commitment to industry leadership, innovation and customized solutions: "We've added a second large-format (5'x10') digital UV flatbed press, the fastest of its kind in the world; another large format UV offset press; and customized finishing and fulfillment operations.
Two linotypes, large flatbed press, small offset press and two hand-fed snappers plus many drawers of moveable type.
The recently launched Inca Onset UV digital flatbed press, with breakthrough print speeds and print quality, will challenge offset printing economics with lower cost of production particularly at lower print run lengths," Mr.