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Synonyms for flatbed

freight car without permanent sides or roof


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an open truck bed or trailer with no sides

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Among the other stipulations is the restriction of the vehicle's flatbed width to that of the driver's cabin limit.
NYSE: CGI) has completed the disposition of substantially all assets associated with its flatbed trucking division to a subsidiary of PS Logistics, LLC, the company said.
Besler Industries announced the 6000 and 8000 Series Flatbeds.
Three winters later, tang observed that the Corsol-applied flatbed had no paint flaking, bare metal, rust or blistering bubbles, while his other three-year-old trailers needed complete paint refurbishment tang is ready to purchase another flatbed and is once again calling the OEM to specify Corsol.
World's premier selling flatbed printer product family The Oce Arizona Series UV flatbed printers have been consistently honored by the SGIA organization.
when the flatbed and sedan careened into it about 8:20 p.
The company has recently introduced several new finishing modules that expand the range of applications available including the flatbed tooling option.
Zund manufactures digital flatbed cutting and printing systems and has been involved in the development of Swiss flatbed cutting technology, including tools for knife-cutting, laser-cutting, creasing, routing, and other processes.
Each stack of crushed cars loaded onto a trailer with no walls, such as a flatbed, should be secured by four tie-downs.
VALENCIA - A hit-and-run driver in a flatbed truck damaged four cars and a big rig about 10:30 a.
Alcan Smelting and Power UK has chosen a fleet of nine, two-seat, flatbed site transporters from BRADSHAW ELECTRIC VEHICLE, for their plant in Northumbria, The vehicles transport goods and people for the production and maintenance departments.
Finehout, 39, emerged from a flatbed truck when the vehicle, its engine still running, began rolling backward down a slight grade.
It features the usual scan-copy fare, as well as a flatbed scanner that delivers crisp 1200-dpi resolution and recognizes up to 55 languages with the included OCR-Read-Iris 5.
Flatbed scanners continued to dominate the market, accounting for 97 percent of worldwide shipments in 1999.
Flatbed strip chart recorders are considered to be general purpose recorders.