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having a flat or flattened upper surface


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45 Colt Flat-Top Blackhawks are very nicely finished and tightly fitted with no overlapping edges where grip frame meets the mainframe.
COM/INDEX New Model Model Bisley Handgun: New Model Blackhawk Flat-Top Flat-Top Convertible Single Action Type: Single .
357 Magnum Flat-Top that was a perfect example of the cliche "ridden hard and put up wet.
357 Magnum Flat-Top or Old Model to larger calibers.
All the grip frames on the Single-Six and the Flat-Top were identical in shape and size to the Colt SAA.
Flat-Top 357s can also be converted without changing the caliber.
357 Flat-Top with a messed-up front sight for only $149 (How did everyone miss this sixgun on Saturday?