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having a flat or flattened upper surface


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The 85 EC-B 5i, like all Liebherr Flat-Top Cranes, features Liebherr s "Connect and Work" erecting technology as well as the patented LiConnect jib connector and electrical connections for the drives and switchgear.
A pair of 380 EC-B 16 Litronic flat-top models have been put to work at Hong Kong International Airport.
Combining HD benefits and the quality of flat-top dot plate technology increases a printer's capabilities by printing with a uniform flat surface between the screens and solids, which creates 30-60 percent less impression sensitivity compared to standard digital plates and allows for longer, cleaner, more consistent runs with fewer stops for press adjustments and plate cleaning.
The traditional Japanese cooking method of "leppanyaki" employs a flat-top iron grill to quickly sear vegetables and proteins A similar Mongolian grilling style is believed to be a descendant of teppanyaki and a comparable Taiwanese technique.
My son used to change his hair all the time -- kind of like the flavor of the week -- but since he's stuck with the flat-top this season, he's taken a lot of heat, but that just seems to fuel his fire," the elder Osborne said.
Also supplies a range of horizontal conveyors with PVC or wire-mesh belts inclined belt conveyors in fixed and portable versions (one with hydraulic height adjustment), inclined and cleated sidewall conveyors for granular materials, live-roller conveyors, flat-top chain conveyors for bottles and containers, gravity conveyors (roller and skate-wheel types), stainless-steel belt and chain conveyors, and rotary accumulators and unscramblers.
There would be once again 11 carriers in 2015, when the construction of the newest flat-top, the CVN-78, is scheduled to be completed.
The campaign, airing on Pyongyang television, shows a few state-approved hairstyles, such as the flat-top crew cut, the middle hairstyle, the low hairstyle, and the high hairstyle, all of which are between 1 and 5 centimeters in length.
What helped seal the deal for Heathcott Associates at meetings with Toody's executives was Heathcott staff members dressing 50s style and agency President Gary Heathcott showing up with a flat-top haircut.
Upper receiver: flat-top with removable carrying handle and elevation adjustment
Other catalog updates include new products such as unassembled work piece pallet kite, a new vertical transfer unit for over/under applications, a low-profile positioning unit, a bed-style motorized belt grinder, clear, palycarbonate covers for flat-top and roller chain drive components and a VE2/L quiet stop gate.
At "Det Doo Day," sponsored by the Detlef Schrempf Foundation, Eastside Chrysler Jeep and Sports Radio 950 KJR, fans will be able to have their heads shaved to match Detlef Schrempf's famous flat-top.
For applications requiring uniform flat-top illumination, the ColdRay laser can be seamlessly integrated with the StockerYale's Flat-Top Generator, a patented, innovative refractive beam shaper that converts a Gaussian beam to flat-top with practically no optical loss.