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Synonyms for flat-top

having a flat or flattened upper surface


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The important Middle East construction company J&P (Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Limited), is at present implementing the construction work and three Linden Comansa Flat-Top cranes on rails are being used for the project.
The 16CM260 flat-top tower crane will be displayed with a special 7m height configuration.
You always want a flat-top heating surface to get that perfect crust on the burger.
38-40 SAA, and then my first new centerfire single action, Ruger's 4 5/8" Flat-Top Blackhawk.
The Spanish manufacturer, which was known for its focus on flat-top tower cranes, is making its first foray into the luffing jib crane sector.
50m jib and a hook height of 164m, the crane was still able to hoist 100t using four lines one of the main features of the most powerful Flat-Top crane built by Liebherr which has been enhanced for erecting wind turbines.
Q I have seen several examples of flat-top checkering, mostly on European guns.
SunGraphics also offers two different methods for producing flat-top dot technology --the MacDermid Lux system and the DuPont DigiFlow/DigiCorr system.
44 Special Ruger Flat-Top Blackhawk is an all-steel, blued sixgun available with either a 4.
Linden Comansa recently began offering its clients a new series of high-capacity, flat-top tower cranes, the LC3000.
The blistering sear of "a la plancha," which translates as "grilled on a metal plate," has nothing to do with middle age and everything to do with the versatility, high heat and even higher drama that this type of flat-top grilling delivers.
My son used to change his hair all the time -- kind of like the flavor of the week -- but since he's stuck with the flat-top this season, he's taken a lot of heat, but that just seems to fuel his fire," the elder Osborne said.
Also supplies a range of horizontal conveyors with PVC or wire-mesh belts inclined belt conveyors in fixed and portable versions (one with hydraulic height adjustment), inclined and cleated sidewall conveyors for granular materials, live-roller conveyors, flat-top chain conveyors for bottles and containers, gravity conveyors (roller and skate-wheel types), stainless-steel belt and chain conveyors, and rotary accumulators and unscramblers.
There would be once again 11 carriers in 2015, when the construction of the newest flat-top, the CVN-78, is scheduled to be completed.
The campaign, airing on Pyongyang television, shows a few state-approved hairstyles, such as the flat-top crew cut, the middle hairstyle, the low hairstyle, and the high hairstyle, all of which are between 1 and 5 centimeters in length.