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with feet flat on the ground

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unprepared and unable to react quickly

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having broad flat feet that usually turn outward

without reservation

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None of this flat-footedness is helpful, and the volume would have been stronger without the essay.
Many thought that this declaration by the Nile Basin countries - an inevitable and predictable result of demographic changes and advances in the development of those countries, some say - reflected a diplomatic flat-footedness on Egypt's part.
Drogba's reward came on 63 minutes when he was too strong for Corluka and profited from Cudicini's flat-footedness to roll into an open net.
Researchers Anton Tudor, MD, PhD of the University of Rijeka in Croatia and his colleagues wanted to determine if a child's degree of flat-footedness affected motor skills necessary for sport performance.
There are major timing issues and stompy flat-footedness that make it laboured.
These technology-driven changes have eroded the media's legitimacy and authority, causing befuddlement and flat-footedness in a changing political environment.
Flat-footedness in children is a physical finding, "not a diagnosis," he said.
We didn't keep building the infrastructure of the party," notes Coelho, who many in the party still hold responsible for the Democrats flat-footedness leading up to the 1994 elections.
It was the Chris Riggott's flat-footedness that gifted Radzinski space to craft his cross from the left and Campbell collected the ball to knock it back for Watson, whose shot bobbled beyond Schwarzer into the far corner for his third goal in four games and sixth of the season.
The musical is based on a little-known play by Langston Hughes, but whether Hughes or book writer Dan Owens is to blame for the recurring flat-footedness is hard to say--and a moot point.