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Synonyms for flat-bottomed

having a flat bottom


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BRAVE Charles makes a stand in a flat-bottomed boat, risking a dunking in a murky canal.
My hypothesis was correct as the symmetrical airfoils out performed the flat-bottomed airfoils both when compared with each other and the control blades.
The flat-bottomed nature of the classifier allows the feed height of the plant to be lower to the ground, taking up less room.
The interior has frameless doors and a three-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel.
Inside, there's now Bluetooth mobile phone preparation, cruise control, DVD-based sat-nav and Audi Music Interface iPod connection along with a new flat-bottomed RS three-spoke steering wheel.
1-inch flat-bottomed mold, spread a thin layer of chocolate.
These young men should never have been carried in flat-bottomed vehicles.
Bird travelled by sampan--a flat-bottomed Chinese boat, as seen in the picture--and developed her photographs en route, washing her negatives in the Yangtze.
Inside, there's a flat-bottomed steering wheel, contoured sports seats with "R" logos, and aluminium pedals and trim.
This flat-bottomed whisk gently glides on the surface of the pan or bowl to smoothly incorporate all ingredients.
The kit's two rim blades and five chippers cut a flat-bottomed dado.
here is now offering a reusable flat-bottomed plastic shopping bag that can hold up to 25 pounds, for just 99 cents, with the grocer's Shoppers Club card, according to an online column by s.
Interior features include Recaro sports seats, a racecar style flat-bottomed steering wheel.
When and if we eat pasta in a bowl, it's a flat-bottomed bowl that's not very deep at all.