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Synonyms for flat-bellied

lacking a prominent belly


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But the compensation, hopelessly inadequate though it may be, is that you acquire a veneer of wisdom out of the reach of flat-bellied 20-somethings.
Nancy is apparently the face of Ann Summers, which is an interesting way of referring to someone who was surely employed because she's flat-bellied, melon-chested and 5ft 9in.
From his modest start in making miniature clothes, Macdonald now dresses rich, famous and fantastically flat-bellied femmes fatale in glitzy creations - which leave nothing to the imagination, save a secret desire in most women to be physically perfect enough to wear, let alone afford, a jewelled ``Julien''.
Partly due to age, partly (or mostly) due to broiling on the beach as a long-haired, flat-bellied, bronze-skinned youth, our skin has not withstood the test of time well, and quite frankly, it's a shock.
As he shows me round, he is not bothered by the boisterous children taking it in turns to push each other round on flat-bellied palettes.