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ironing that can be done mechanically


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Taking my 3/4 inch flat wash brush and a weak mixture of colbalt blue and light red, I dropped in a suggestion of the tops of the sand dunes, making the mix slightly stronger as I came nearer to the foreground.
Washing and squeezing out my flat wash brush, I gently softened the base of the sand dune colours, blending them into the mist.
Wet washes on dry paper, including the use of flat wash, graduated wash and back wash, are next illustrated.
I used my 3/4 inch flat wash brush for this, dampening the entire area and then dropping in Charles Evans Sand followed by yellow ochre and a bit of well-watered cobalt blue.
While this was drying I changed to my 3/4 inch flat wash brush and popped in a bit of reflection, as seen from the bridge, making gentle downwards strokes with the same colours as above.
Basic techniques are described in detail: a flat wash, graded wash, dry wash, wet-in-wet wash.
Now, with my 3/4in flat wash brush, I drop yellow ochre on the extreme left of the picture and cobalt blue on the top.
I firstly pre-wet the sky area using a 3/4" flat wash brush, quickly drop on some yellow ochre in the bottom area followed by ultramarine blue.
Now to my 3/4in flat wash brush and dab on a mixture of hookers green and burnt sienna directly below the large tree followed by hookers green mixed with yellow ochre directly below the other tree.
I now turned to my 3/4 flat wash brush and using the Charles Evans sand colour, fill in the beach area, using big broad strokes.