flat tire

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a deflated pneumatic tire

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We drove from Vermont to Utah without a single flat tire.
The system enabled the vehicle to travel about ninety miles on a flat tire, Scotti says.
Our goal is to make flat tire repair convenient for our customers.
As I drove up Hooksett Road, I suddenly heard an obnoxious thumping that could only mean I had a flat tire.
A Hollywood short film from 1929 SO these four flappers get a flat tire next to the beach--what to do but shrug off a few pounds of cloth and go skinny-dipping--which, in 1929, means splashing about in underwear layered like a nun's habit.
Evangelidis' response to the story of his flat tire - if you want to call it a story - was refreshing.
The meeting never happened because the JetHawks' team bus had a flat tire on the outskirts of Palmdale, delaying their arrival at Arrowhead Credit Union Park by about 90 minutes.
In the past, when a flat tire occurred, motorcyclists and ATV riders were forced to push their bikes or get a tow to a gas station or tire repair shop to fix the tire," said Rodney Cegelski, vice president at SLiME.
With DriveGuard tires, even if a flat tire strikes, drivers are empowered to keep moving.
Reduced roadside delays resulting from flat tires (a truck can experience 1 flat tire a year, which results in service fees of $1,000-2,000 per flat)
Tire Design--"Functional model of the tire tread," Milos Stojkovic, University of Nis; "Effect of wide-base and dual tires configurations on pavement damage," Mostafa Elseifi, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute; "Tire design methodology based on safety--factor to satisfy tire life," Kazuyuki Kabe, Yokohama Rubber; "Development of a vertical stiffness relationship for belted radial tires," Tim Rhyne, Michelin Americas Research & Development; "The run flat tire evolution, a system view of essential shape design factors leads to a run flat research and development project and a tire prototype," Peter A.
Moreover, a collision or a flat tire that occurs on the way to an emergency is potentially far more serious than an ordinary road accident because it may prevent emergency responders from saving lives, in addition to the risk of an injury or death from an emergency vehicle accident.
No one was hurt, but the landing left the plane with a flat tire.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are 414 fatalities and 10,275 non-fatal injuries annually in light vehicles in which the cause of the crash was a flat tire or blowout.
CYCLING: Floyd Landis overcame a late flat tire to win the Tour de Georgia in Alpharetta, Ga.