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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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As one respondent comments, "The whole process of selecting a flat screen HDTV is very confusing and requires a great deal of research.
Major consumer electronic companies that produce 50" and larger flat screen televisions are finding QualMark's Typhoon-8.
Both Arisawa and DDD are now actively engaged in presentations and discussions with leading flat screen display manufacturers with the goal of licensing the combined solution for mass-market 3D television.
Lot 2 flat screen printing to the crepe georgette hand 100% silk, 100% silk habotai.
Allowing up-and-down, tilt-and-swivel adjustability, MantelMount gives its users the preferred view of any large flat screen plasma, LED or LCD TV.
The B or C unit buyers will receive a 42 inch flat screen while A unit buyers will receive a 50 flat screen.
A few months ago I was shopping for a new flat screen television and was overwhelmed by endless choices of TVs.
Kammann has introduced a new modular flat screen head web printing module, designed with an open architecture to allow integration with any narrow web printing machine.
After South Korea's Samsung Electronics, Sony and Sharp are, respectively, the second and third largest manufacturers of flat screen TVs.
However all our businesses delivered revenue growth with sales led by the continued high demand for flat screen televisions and laptops while sales of large white goods remained weak.
The new Hotel de Rome will have 146 rooms and suites; each fitted with discreetly concealed state of the art technology, including flat screen televisions and iPod docking stations.
He always told me, and I always believed, that notwithstanding the media platforms that come and go (cell phones, Blackberrys, iPods, refrigerators, computers, or flat screen TVs) the world would always be about content.
The thieves also stole a 32-inch flat screen TV, an 18-inch flat screen TV, a pair of diamond earrings, a watch and two mobile phones.
The news that they will be starting a new flat screen operation in Poland is a huge slap in the face for their newly redundant workforce in the North East, who are struggling to find work.