flat panel display

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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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What's more, the FED Flat Panel Display industry development trends and marketing channels are analyzed.
On the basis of applications, the global flat panel display market is segmented into consumer electronics, automotive application and others.
As prices dropped last year, several companies introduced high-quality flat panel display monitors that are now within reach of most businesses and many consumers.
Innovative Solutions and Support's President Roman Ptakowski today said, "The Company's Flat Panel Display System product line or cockpit/IP is the most timely and cost effective way to upgrade legacy Citation aircraft with the state-of-the-art technology offered in our systems.
What's more, the TFT Flat Panel Display industry development trends and marketing channels are analyzed.
The Cockpit/IP Flat Panel Display System presents other situational data such as TCAS, TAWS, and RVSM, as well as critical Primary Flight information Coattitude direction indication (ADI), horizontal situation indication (HSI), altimeter, airspeed, vertical speed, and radio magnetic indication.
6 million in new Flat Panel Display System orders on a variety of aircraft including Lear and Citation business jets, Pilatus PC-12's, B-747's, B-767's, KDC-10's, C-130's and now B-737's.
The Innovative Solutions' Cockpit Information Portal (Cockpit IP(TM)) consists of a pilot and copilot suite of high resolution multi-color AMLCD (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) flat panel displays offering logistics savings, improved dispatch reliability, minimal retraining, weight and heat reduction and adaptability to future requirements.
Our customers in the flat panel display market are experiencing tremendous growth as consumers and businesses race to replace obsolete cathode ray tube technology in the television and computer markets.
com) designs, manufactures and markets flight information computers, flat panel display systems and advanced monitoring systems that measure and display critical flight information.
1" Rugged Thin Client Flat Panel Display was selected by Lockheed Martin for its superior display performance characteristics, while being able to perform in severe military environments.
The two companies also announce a partnership arrangement under which installation and pilot training will be performed by ABX Air, while the flat panel displays and STC will be supplied by IS&S.
to upgrade and retrofit B-767 cockpits with their Flat Panel Display Systems for both Primary Flight Control and Navigation Control information.
NASDAQ:ISSC) announced today that the Company in a teaming arrangement with ABX Air has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certification (STC) of its Flat Panel Display System for use on B-767 aircraft.